I am Sisi

Hi Girl ,

Let me swipe you off your feet and give you a little tour into my big world. I am, SISI BOLATINI or also known as, “The Traveling Turbanista.” I was born and raised in the vibrant capital city of Amsterdam and moved to the luxurious Abu Dhabi, UAE to begin my career as a flight attendant.

Throughout the past two years while working for one of the worlds elite five star airlines I was fortunate enough to visit almost 50% of the world. My work experiences and personal adventures gave me the opportunity to experience living life outside of the box leaving me with priceless memories.

I am mostly known for my travel stories and unique international fashion style. Through all of my travels I taught myself to try to adapt each and every fashion style according to the country I am in but always added a touch of Sisi Bolatini to make it my own. I find so much love in sharing my adventures through my social media channels because it allows me to take my followers on a journey all of over world where most will never be able experience.

I believe there is no dream too big to come alive and there is no excuse big enough to stop you from pursuing your dreams. I always aim to convey through my social media that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what your ethnicity is, what your beliefs are, or what you do for living as long as it makes you happy in life. Understanding this is the only way an individuals inner happines will radiate the soul and allow it to shine brightly on the outside.

Acknowledging that I accomplished the goals I set for myself I realized it was time to return home to Amsterdam to start a new chapter continuing the same mission. My passion and focus has always been to inspire and motivate my followers to achieve their own ambitions by spreading love and positivity.

So if you feel you’re in need of some, come and get it!!