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Since I was young, very young all I ever wanted was to travel and see more then the annual holidays to Morocco with my parents. I loved Morocco to death but there was more out there waiting for me. Watching @natgeo definitely played a big role in this desire to travel, specially since social media was not as big back in the days as it is now. .

I was in my last year of high school (17yrs) when they allowed me (after begging them) to travel for the first time alone without them. Coming back from my school trip safe and well I earned their trust and I was able to do other little trips step by step till eventually even living abroad to pursue my passion for travelling.

Here I am 10 years later standing on this balcony thinking of those struggling years for freedom, realising that all my parents wanted was to protect me and always wanted the best for me. I know that many girls out there are maybe going through the same experiences now, and following me might give you even more lust to travel.

Just know that just like you, I was once 17, 21 or even 24 years too and eager to travel.. but even I went through storm before I enjoyed the sun in different continents. I’m glad I went through this, so that my future children won’t have to.

Just Always remember the key to success is to win their trust and blessings and inshallah one day the world will be yours ✨

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